I know you love him. You're lost in yourself and you're hopeless when it comes to him, you fade and you struggle with all the memories, all the things that remind you of him and you are afraid of whoever tries to come in your circle.  You're scared that someone will scar you again like... Continue Reading →

Death bed

So many people, so many faces, all those stories based on a reality. Everyday life is just ordinary. It's normal to wake up every morning, being able to breathe and live on.  But every single person will be burried one day, and becoming one with mother earth. In our lives we have many milestones, that... Continue Reading →


My mascara is black and it is claimed to be waterproof. I laugh on that. Waterproof. As I wipe the tears rushing down my cheeks, and spot a black liquid all over my cold fingers. This is a bad joke.  But apparently my life had gotten used to make bad jokes at me, where I... Continue Reading →


A woman will never know her worth up untill the day her patience is put in question, and whatever she'll do will decide for her.  A woman can either be the heaven on earth or destroy herself in hellfire. She will rage in the fire of her own body and carry the pain of every... Continue Reading →


Today marks as another day of my empty life, where time flew by with the speed of a racing car. All I have now is nothing other than a still water, that will get poisoned by just one touch.  I'm afraid to look up in the mirror to see the person I've become. Is this... Continue Reading →


He is one of the strongest beings you've come across. He claims to love and proves to hate. He is an asteroid that lands on your field and destroys everything in a matter of seconds. After his loss I have changed the beautiful field of roses in to a battlefield, full of miles and miles... Continue Reading →


Life comes in all joys and colours, in people and in memories, in laughter and tears. It's a full package you subscribe to from the day you're born.  Sometimes it gets so ugly and dark that we are afraid to even face the light. We are afraid to touch what exists, because we fear the... Continue Reading →

Big Girls Don’t Cry

I'm eighteen. Just eighteen. Already eighteen. I don't know. What do you reffer me as? Am I old enough, am I strong enough? Am I still fragile and weak? Am I helpless and little?  Or am I a woman, am I me, am I the definition of strength? Do I get considered as a powerful... Continue Reading →

Pure LoveĀ 

I have an impulsive desire to do things that will only lead to my death. Now you might call it reckless, but to me it's just who I am. I can not fix my attention upon things that are just ordinary, for as it has always been hard for me to love life the way... Continue Reading →

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