My desire

Never doubted on my own, never alone, always with my sadness to keep me sweet company.
Sweet as fire, sweet like your desire. Watching you admire, when I search for what I aspire.
Sadly just came to realise, with a big surprise, that you aint worth it at all, you only like to watch me fall.
Things you want I memorise, only to catch you compromise, just to make me fantasise, for that nice future.
The future you cant give, the future you dont wanna live, you say to me “baby please forgive”.
Wasnt really weak, just couldnt speak, you’re still my baby but you love being bad, you love making me mad, forgetting what we had, what we could have, what we should have.
Baby I love you, I wish you only knew, wish you had a clue, look at my heart, can you see me through?
If I die, my murderer should never be named, never want you to be blamed, shouldnt be ashamed, cause baby you got me tamed.
When I started loving you, my love for you only grew, but my time was due, so I left this world, but I could never leave you.


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