They say people can make each other feel things that they don’t feel, they can make someone think about a thing they have never even thought about. I find it quite foolish, how some people abandon their true understanding of the world and only claim the words uttered from that one person’s mouth as the truth.
Often did I have the possibility to let go of my selfish self and focus on what my dearly and deeply desired person wanted to say, but never did the world let him speak.
His attitude was so pure that no one could ever be good for him. Everyone just tried to be good “enough”.
I know he doesnt even feel that special and he might not even understand it in his entire lifetime, but just like my sweet perfume attracts the people that have a preference for perfumes, his being leads on so many girls, that want that good bad boy.
Now jokes apart, how can they expect from someone who is known to be a “bad boy” to be good?
Girls try so much to follow the clichĂ© of “the bad boy gone good for this one girl.” But it’s pathetic! All these love stories and words of love, are just a damn joke created by someone serious.
You cant make someone feel something if they don’t want to. You can’t force the person you like to like you back and you can’t make someone you don’t like stop loving you.
Love is so overrated by the ones that have a small crush on someone and honestly I find it quite disgusting. The meaning of love is not trying to change someone for you or to make them feel in a mutual way for you.
You are yourself and he is himself and I find it quite disturbing how people only decide to like someone for the fact of change.
Change comes with acceptance and knowing yourself that you have to improve. Improvements could go wrong and love is not always permanent.
Often I have tried to change for someone that loves me, but at the end I can not back off from my true self. I am who I am and its too late to turn back now.


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