A little something

Born naked, born flawless, born precious, so fragile. Be young , be foolish and free. Maturity is beneficial, but it don’t come with the time, no it don’t come with the crime. Kill the vain, be in pain. Take it with love, take it from support. Grow with wisdom, master your patience, hope is the key, do it or let it be.
Wanna kiss those lips wanna touch you with my fingertips. My heart ain’t playing no more, there is no games in store.
You got burdens, you got hurdles, will hold you down, down so much, look and let it go to me.
Im gonna kill the demon, fight for the reason, that combines me with you at the end of the night.
Lonely hours, faded is what was ours, you’re gone, you’re lost.
Tears fall….. But thank you.
Thank You, for the good byes, for the good lies, hate to say, but time flies. Got no time for heartbreaks, you live how life makes.
Pity on the love you’s but damn right, when it comes from you. you aint right, no you not even mine at night.
Just wanted you to hold me tight, but its not right. You making it so hard to be, finding so hard to agree.
No, dont wanna fight, this aint right, ask you to kiss me, you say you just might?? I aint here just to stare, I just wanna care. You run away, no dont you dare.
You are mine, you know that babe.
I have tried and I have died, died in those eyes.
Oh those eyes, I look at them and my soul cries. I see the magic from the skies, you my baby, you are a blessing, at first you just had me guessing, but now Im too sure for expressing.
I love you, I hate you, but I damn just cant resist you. Curse you and bless you.
I made you my life, and you killed me with the devil’s knife.


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