I know you love him. You’re lost in yourself and you’re hopeless when it comes to him, you fade and you struggle with all the memories, all the things that remind you of him and you are afraid of whoever tries to come in your circle. 

You’re scared that someone will scar you again like he did. You’ll be afraid to love someone, you’ll run faster than any moving vechile from someone that thinks he deserves you. 

You belong to no man, you belong to yourself, to all those happy moments that he took from you. You’re a poor homeless person that has lost his way to the way back. No one has ever given you the comfort that you have deserved. 

You’ve been defeated again and again by the same person, and you would also be doing it again, if you didn’t have your self respect stopping you. 

Why love someone who is too selfish and pessimistic when it comes to love? Why let someone destroy you a thousand times for after what has happened to you? 

Why sit in a room with no light, no hope and no dreams? You’re a beautiful human being with doors of gold opened to you and you wouldn’t dare even touching them, taking a sigh of relief and just letting it all go. 

You’re holding on to your scared and bleeding heart with force, trying to hold on to the moments of affection and love, but it’s killing you; it’s making you weak and sensitive and you have no control over it. 

No one will have mercy on you, because they don’t know you how you do. They don’t know about the sleepless and painful nights, or the days you spent smiling with feeling yourself as if you’re dying.

Heartbreak is a damn painful experience and for those who never had their heart broken; it’s like a hole in your heart that can’t be filled up with the thing you would like to have, and everytime you reach for it, your fingers burn in ash. 

And love is the temptation that will make you want to grasp in to the fire even more, and you won’t stop, unless the fire destroys you and unites your ash with the godly winds. 

The wind will tell your story of heartbreak to everyone it will come across, because people will know. They deserve to know, your tribute, your sacrifice, your everything. 

You’ll be praised in front of your face and hated behind your back. They don’t love like you did. You’re too good for them.

Run away before they know the real you.


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