A woman will never know her worth up untill the day her patience is put in question, and whatever she’ll do will decide for her. 

A woman can either be the heaven on earth or destroy herself in hellfire. She will rage in the fire of her own body and carry the pain of every impossible thing in the world, and not face her own truth. 

The truth for the woman is her worthy happiness, that she chooses to sacrifice over everyone around her, to feel more secure in her surrounding. She doesn’t expect anything back, because she has the power, she has always had the strength to fight off the people that have hurt her, and she would never stop getting back up. 

A woman is not a symbol of weakness. She is sensitive; so sensible. She is not emotional, she is feeling what everyone else chooses to ignore. She has been aware of the pain for ages, that often gets mistaken as her ignorance. 

And a woman is especially not eye-candy for thirsty men who lurk in the streets of a town, trying to hunt down a woman. A woman is not there to be cat called by people, she should never fear to leave her house or think people might judge her. 

I’m no feminist, I do believe that everyone has their way in what they prefer doing. I will not say that people should be treated all equally, because the importance should balance out. 

Not all women are capable of fight and do though work, and not all men are good in looking after children and a manage a house. Of course, these are stereotypical examples because at the end of the day, some people still choose to believe in them. 

I do not support any of those, because we are in billions, and damn, people can surprise you a lot. I just hope that a broken woman finds her strength to go out to the world and feel free. Feel relieved and not stuck somewhere, not afraid of the stereotypes, not held back by those stupid traditions and looks of other people. 

Feel confident and beautiful of who you are and what you are. I’m sure all there is, is only you feeling uncomfortable with what this world has shown you. 


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