He is one of the strongest beings you’ve come across. He claims to love and proves to hate. He is an asteroid that lands on your field and destroys everything in a matter of seconds.

After his loss I have changed the beautiful field of roses in to a battlefield, full of miles and miles of unharvestable, dried out groud. There was no beauty to it, only sadness and despair. And the misery continued till the day he came back to me. 

He was standing like a fading reflection at the end of my field. The foolish girl that I am, I ran to him. He had come back for me. He was here, finally, to pick me up, to let me create my field again, to enjoy the gorgeous views of myself and my field started to bloom again. 

It was all how I always wanted it to be. Trees and flowers grew with an immensive fast speed. I was blown away; breathless. This is all I want. This is my paradise, I was bathed in euphoria. 

I kept turning around, in circles, so joyful. Life had finally given me my stop, my end, my beautiful, my final conclusion of life. My life was finally better than the kingdom of my dreams. 

He was looking at me with heartfelt eyes, proud of me. I was being showered in love. The wind blew through my hair and it touched my soft skin and my cheeks turned in a slightly pink shade. 

With slow steps I approached him, I walked up to him, step by step, and touched him with my fingers, my right hand touched his face and as soon as he felt my touch, he closed his eyes and smiled. 

I bit my lip, and said “I love you”. He opened his eyes, and I waited for his reply. He took his hand out of his pockets and was holding something shiny and sharp in his left hand. He kissed me on the top of my head and then slit up my throat. 

Blood rushed down my throat and my words were banned to come out from my lips. He turned me around and held my arms with force, and pushed me towards my field and said to go enjoy the fresh air. 

Enjoy the fruits of life, live your life like you deserve to live. He told me I deserve to be loved right, he said leave, and run. Go search for what is right for you. I’m not the one for you. You’ll find better. 

And his reflection abruptly left me alone, and I was on the ground. My knees were ripped and my hair was dirty. The blood running down my throat made my beautiful white dress dirty and I was soaked in my own dark red blood. 

I was crying tears of blood and my hair was sticking to my face, so much pain. I had been left by the only one who has managed to ever make me feel loved. 

In his life he had been loved and he has loved, but he never knew how it feel to not being loved back. 

I pushed my knees to my chest and layed down on the ground. My beautiful field turned in to a lifeless place. His words were magic to me and I was under his spell, I felt like a beast that had been set free in the wild to return to it’s nature. 

But my nature was his arms; that was my home. And I’m all by myself. And here I am. Waiting for his reply. But he’ll never love me back the way I loved him, or even close to what I felt. 


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