Life comes in all joys and colours, in people and in memories, in laughter and tears. It’s a full package you subscribe to from the day you’re born. 

Sometimes it gets so ugly and dark that we are afraid to even face the light. We are afraid to touch what exists, because we fear the imaginative pain we have builded up in our mind. 

Trust has been broken so many times, love has been taken off, family has turned backs. But what stays is her smile. Her damn beautiful smile. I dont even know how I will be telling the story of her, for as she has been strong, all the way, always with me. 

I know she will be reading this, just as she usually does, and I won’t even lie; she is one of the main reasons why I started to write. I’ve seen her supporting me like a loving wife, even though we’re friends. I’m obsessed with her weird jokes, her crazy laughter and the awful never passing by college days. 

The only reason I look up to college is her, and of course our other friend, who is so damn sarcastic, that you wouldn’t even notice if she is joking or not. 

I love these two ladies, because I know both of them are going to grow up to be strong and beautiful. 

I have seen my friend coming in the first day of college, when she changed her course to ours and the teacher put us to next to each other, and trust me, all we could do is talk. 

She is the most beautiful company I have ever gotten from a person in my new homeland and I enjoy it. I honestly love being around her. She has positive vibes and once she sees someone else in pain, she will start a waterfall from her own eyes. 

She knows how it feels to be hurt, she knows about the pain. She knows about the miserable nights spent alone in a bed crying and just wondering if this pain will come to an end. 

She has seen me grow, like a mother sees her child taking tiny steps towards the adulthood and it breaks my heart for how much she cares. She would never possibly let go of me. 

She has beautiful big brown eyes that are always full of joy. But I know what she hides behind them, I read people too well to know how bad she is feeling. She never spoke about herself as much as she lets me speak about mine. 

And at the end we’re all just young teenagers with suicidal thoughts, telling each other why we should still be alive. 

There is no good reason to be alive but the people in your life. They make it worth it. Trust me. I’ve been blessed with great friends, who have such a pure and good hearted soul that I sometimes just tear up. 

I hope wherever she goes she is happy, and she sees all the oppertunities she has made me see. 

I love her to bits. 


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