Pure Love 

I have an impulsive desire to do things that will only lead to my death. Now you might call it reckless, but to me it’s just who I am. I can not fix my attention upon things that are just ordinary, for as it has always been hard for me to love life the way it is. 

Expectations drive to a dreadful end and I am willing to take the risk. Risks are a beautiful thing when all there is left, is a shot, that can either make or ruin your future. 

Often have I thought about future and how life turned out to be, but life is a always continuos and painful experience, that will be followed with lessons. Lessons that lead to hell or heaven, and it brings me down how much our deeds of today choose for our future. 

Sometimes a helping hand can be the thing we need and at times it’s just the help of God himself, who makes everything better. 

So today I’m here sitting on my window sill, looking out of the window, since it’s my favorite thing to do when it is raining and just wondering how quick life is passing by. 

Friends became strangers and strangers became the closest I have ever been to someone. Some moves turned out to be terrifying misleading mistakes and some of them just put my life back on track. 

I still can’t decide if it is life that makes us become mature or just the people in it. But then again, it’s a mix of everything; it’s love and it’s war. 

I’ve been trying to hold it in as much as I could, but I know who to go to when I’m down. And it’s the person that knows me the most, the person that knows about all my moves, and turns and painful ends that my life has taken, and that person is no other than me. 

I’m the one who is the master of me, straight after my God. My God has given me life and love. And I will put use of it in loving him and myself. My body does not deserve to be mistreated by anyone, not even myself.

When you’re left alone and are wounded, and shattered, all you have left is to look at your own self. Look at what you have been doing to your body, look at what you’ve become.

Don’t hurt yourself. 


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