You’ve given me light, you’ve given me life. You’ve given me my world, whilst yours sunk. You’ve given me the prettiest, glowing flowers in the middle of a dark road. 

No matter how far I went you stood like a shield around me to protect me from the ugly place this world has become. You’ve stood by me when my desires to live were gone, and you held me up, even if it pushed you deep down in the lost.

Now I’m here and you’re there. You’re beautiful as ever and your perfection is impossible. I’ve never loved someone as much as I love you, and it is pure love. It’s nothing. It’s just who we are. 

But behind your craziness is a little boy who is afraid to shout, afraid to live, afraid to be known. You’re fragile and your emotions are made out of silk. You’re afraid of people slipping on your bad side. You have your deepest and darkest parts, and you’re afraid to let someone love them. 

You have deep scars behind that beautiful smiling face and it hurts me to know you are in pain. God has sent me the biggest blessing by sending you my way, and it took me long to know that I cant trust your soul as much as I trust mine. 

I hate to be that caring and showing it, because for me emotions are a very sensitive and vulnerable thing. To you I have always shown my all, because you proved yourself to me. You’ve shown me to beauty in life… the goddamn gorgeous life. 

Because you’re in it. You’ve lightened up all my ways, my days, my stories. Memories have been made and burned on my skin, because they are beautiful, my love, and so are you. 

Life throws daily bullshit on your way, but only by being strong and having a strong desire to pass the ugliness of this place you will acheive, not big, but bigger things. 

My life would be lifeless without you, and for the sake of God, know what you are to me. 

Know what you are to all. 

You’re amazing. 


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  1. Wow. This young man doesn’t realise what he’s got. Boys to men are like that. Of course I know. Ur sounding so much stronger today. Focus on yourself and your wee man will be there for u. It takes time this commitment thing when ur young. Your faith will carry you along the right path. Thats a main focus for me. The other parts all click in place when your head is focused on ur faith. U start to radiate ur loving side and everyone can see it. He’ll see it. Love is such an amazing maze. I knew my wife 25 years and never thought she’d ever do what she did. I’m still in shock a year on. Divorce was forced on me. I still love her more than ever. Married 23 years…. But Katie needed me and that’s where I am. Faith first. The rest clicks together like a love jigsaw. If the piece is there and it fits….add it to ur jigsaw. I love ur writings. Such a talent. uv a great future ahead. Keep being you 🙂

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    1. Thankyou Alan! Indeed, with faith we become stronger than ever and we are always determined to do what we have to by the will of God. It will all turn out to be worth it. Thankyou so much


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