Pretty little flower

I’m a pretty Lotus flower, blooming, soaking up the sunshine. Enjoying my moments. Everyday, I face the sun. I look at the beautiful weather and enjoy what life has to give me.

It is in my destiny to dry out and die, but the ends deep down in the water, help me produce seeds. I’ll make more flowers. I’ll make flowers that are more beautiful and they will carry on living just like I did when the flower of life had been given in my hands; one day I’ll pass it on to all the survivors of my seeds.

The new flowers will be strong and will fight all the battles that I couldn’t. They’ll bloom, shower in colours and burn down in fire, but will always keep on going, repeating their cycle for a million times.

Now let’s take out flowers out of the situation. The lotus flower is me, the seeds are my experiences and the flowers are the new paths life offers me. Once I dry out in one chapter, I’ll keep growing on the other. I won’t stop.

I will never stop, and if I do, then only when my little pond dries out too and then and only then, there will be no more repeating of the cycle of life. But trust me, I will leave a mark.

The place where my pond used to be, will always remain empty and people will know that once there used to grow pretty little louts flowers right here.

Remember me.


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