My Husband 

Dear Husband

People say that you come across your soulmate atleast once in your life, it’s up to you if you acknowledge that person as your soulmate or not. Love has a very deceptive thing for me, because I have always doubted how two individuals lose themselves into eachother. 

I feel that the only reason I will be married to you is because my heart will tell me that you’re the “One” for me. Everyone falls in love, but not everyone stays in love, because you can fall out of love too. 

I hope that this wont be our case. I will support you on all your decisions and I can guarantee you to be aware of what I am promising you right now. 

There are joyful and beautiful days, but just like the weather, it doesn’t always stay sunny. I know we are going to fight, and I’m not using that clichèe that fights indicate love and caring, because fights can be deadly too. 

I will show you my love and loyalty, because that’s what you deserve to be putting up with a human like me. I will not say that I am different, but I am sure as hell not like anyone you will ever have met in your life. 

I should stand out and be the meaning of love. I should be the one you look up to when you’re in pain or worries. I can’t say we will be sharing the same amount of pain, but I will always respect your feelings and you. 

You wont be in need to look for any other woman that could make you feel like I do, because I am who I am. I’m not praising myself, but I know that it will possibly have took a lot for me to say ‘yes’ to you.

How I am now, I know that I wouldn’t get married, I will not give consent to any person. You will be special, my love. The most important thing is that we will understand eachother, for as understanding is the biggest bond in my emotions. 

If we do have children, I will expect you to love them as much as you love me, if not than even more than you love me. They will be the jewels and the joy we have been searching for in life. 

People say that a child completes the marriage, but that’s not our case. We will enjoy our company too. You will be my entire family in one person for as long as we don’t have children. 

It is in my weird way of choices, that I prefer not having too much. It wouldn’t matter what size our house is or what kind of car we will have. As I said, you’re my entire family, and I will stick by you in ugly and beautiful times. 

You’re all I want. 

Love, your wife. 


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