As a human, we face many daily struggles. It could be from as small as the decision of what to wear, up to being bullied, harassed, or assaulted. 

World is cruel. No doubt. When we declare that we are going through the worst that a person can go through. But that’s utterly selfish. There is always that has been given less than you have. 

If you wouldn’t struggle, you would have no appreciation of the good things in your life. The less you have, the more value you will give to the things you have and don’t. 

The ones that have been given less in life are mainly generous people, they know how it feels have nothing. 

Now my thoughts are not only for the poor, but also those who are poor in mind. Weak in emotions, weak in soul and spirit. 

You are not alone. There are so many damn people that are struggling, try looking at your surrounding before trying to judge everyone. 

You’re not in the worst. There is always worse than the worse. This is how cruel the world can be. 


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