Orange and Red. Blue and Violet. Pink and Yellow. 

What magic does the sky bring us in those godly moments of sunset? The sunset makes me believe in happy endings, and the stars are the proof of it. 

I feel like the beautiful sky is the reason why you should always feel beautiful. The sky has a thousand clouds, but it is always staying on the same earth. 

With clouds or without, the sky is just beautiful. And now I know that science freaks will despise me and think what the heck I am saying but sometimes it is just true. You just live the moment.

Look at the sky and tell me you don’t look up to it when you wish for something, tell me you don’t think it’s beautiful and fascinating, tell me that all these colours make no sense. I wouldn’t believe you. 

Even though black is my favorite among all, these colours represent the beauty of life itself. 

A sunset is a collection of minutes of purity of the living and dead and I can’t even put in words how much I want to say about it. 

For sure, it is my most favourable time of the day and breathtakingly perfect. 

It shows us that the sun comes to us with a beautiful collection of colours of life and leaves with them too. 

It reminds to look at the bright side of the things, and to enjoy those few minutes to the fullest. 


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