A Letter To My Daughter

My baby. 

All grown up and beautiful. I am writing this letter before even knowing you, and this eases the decisions I will be taking for you before you’re born. 

First of all know that your mother has been through a lot of battles, and I hope that by the time I have you, they will all have paid off and come to an amazing outcome. I hope that you have everything I never had and always dreamt of.

I am working really hard for you and I will always be so close to you. I know there is always this gap between parents and children but don’t you worry my baby girl, you’re always going to be the love of my life, and I will never let you feel alone. 

I will love and cherish you every single day and no matter if we fight or not, your father and I will always be here to hear you out and support you. 

We will let you explore all the things life has to offer yourself, and will always be here to guide you on the right path, if you feel like you are drifitng. When we warn you from doing something, it’s because we have been through that and we know what it will lead to. 

If a person hurts you, know that your father will go and beat that person up and if you ever feel you need your own space, we will be giving you that too. 

My baby, if you ever feel upset please don’t go to bed and cry yourself to sleep, because I will always be up for you, I have raised you when you were a baby and you have cried nights in my arms, don’t be afraid to come to me once you’re growing up. 

When I have you, I will make sure to check atleast once at night, if you’re sleeping or not. Your father and I will kiss you on your forehead to wish you good night, no matter how old you get for us you will always be our cute little baby girl. 

We will always keep you happy and if we don’t then shame on us for not succeeding as parents. All I want is for you to smile, and know that you’re never alone. 

Your parents love you unconditionally. 

I can’t wait to meet you. 


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