Dear Future Self

Dear 28 year old Sidrah,

I’m writing this letter out of curiosity and amusement. I never knew the idea of writing a letter, that I will open ten years, later could be so funny. 

So Sidrah tell me, how does it feel not to be a young teenager anymore? Are you married? If yes, do you have kids? I hope you gave them beautiful names, like you wish to do now. How are your in laws and more specifically, what is your husband like?

Did arrange marriage convince you or is love marriage the type you went for? Does he follow the description of your perfect husband of today or did your choice change?

How did you finish your studies and do you have a job? Did you buy yourself the black Range Rover you always wanted? How much make up do you have now, or do you still love to do your make up like today? 

What would you say your relation with your family looks like? Are they still the same and how are you getting along with them? 

From your old friends, who are you still in contact with or do you have completely new friends? How are you scars? Have they vanished or are they still there? 

I just want to say that if you are reading this, you have made it through the most important and hardest years of life. Being a teenager is kind of tiring because the decisions I am taking now are making the person you are, my future self. 

I hope whatever I went through benefits you, and that you will sit there proudly reading this letter, and know that the younger sidrah went through hell, but it all worked out in the end for you. 

I hope you look back to me with a positive nostalgia and remember me as a brave soldier. Remember to always believe in yourself and now look to those who stayed with you till the end and love them for never giving up on you. 

Wherever and however you are now, kill it!! I love you. 

Yours truly, 

18 years old Sidrah. 


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