A dream

Make it stop. Please, I beg you, make this stop. I hate everything about it. I can’t be in this a minute longer. With every second, I feel tortured and it’s like getting punished for something, but my soul is innocent. 

Do not abuse me in such a way that I wouldn’t be able to ever wake up from this nightmare. 

“Dreams come true, but nightmares are dreams too.”

I remember this quote as soon I wake up from this horrible moment. Sweat. I was showered in sweat and my lips were dried out; I was thirsty. My hair was going in all directions. 

Slowly I gathered the strength to sit myself on the edge of the bed and I reached out for the water bottle on my sidetable. I drank a little and put it back. I was still heavily breathing and trembling a bit. My window was opened. 

I stood up and it was very difficult for me to balance on my knees, because my room floor seemed to be gone. I walked to my window and let the cold breeze touch my cheeks and fly through my hair. 

I closed my eyes and tears fell, I hated my nightmares so much. I was feeling terrible and it was killing me to be in such unrest. 

The wind shut my door loudly and I got scared. I cried even more, and leaned to the wall on the left and still kept looking out of the window. I slowly sat down on the room floor and I stayed awake, for the next hours. 

I have no idea how my hours passed, but I was sure that I wasn’t going back to bed. Even though I was tired and wanted to sleep so much, I wouldn’t dare to close my eyes again. I know what this is all about. 

I will dream bad again, the dream will come back and I am going to feel strangled, because often I can’t escape whilst being in a dream. 

Sun rays fell on me and my eyes were burning, I went downstairs to have breakfast and had my coffee.


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