Own blood

Family is a bunch individuals, who are staying together. There is a big difference in living together and sharing the same roof. 

Not everyone is always gonna love you, people will backstab you, dislike you, never support you, and the biggest and earliest examples of these you can spot in your own family at times. 

All there is, is the same DNA and blood. Oh the difference in hearts, the kilometeres of distance, between two people’s way of thinking. Honestly nothing hurts more than being misunderstood or not appreciated by the closest people in your life. 

If anyone from the world would treat you bad, it wouldn’t matter, but when it comes to your own blood, you feel shattered, for as they have the strength to make you feel like a complete waste of space. 

I feel like everyone in this world is always going to be with you for a certain reason, even your parents, have expectations that you’re gonna have to fullfil one day, otherwise you’ll feel ashamed of how you disappointed the ones that actually helped you crawl and walk and talk. 

No matter how bad your situation with your family gets, most of the time you’ll still end up forgiving them, because grudges are not to be held… not with people you grew up with. 

No place feels more like home than the place where your family is, but of course we don’t choose the people we will grow up with, therefore it’s very hard at times, since everyone has different personalities, likes, and dislikes. 

Before you have your own family, it’s very important that you understand the concept of being a family, not just being called a family. You have to try to understand the other person in order to be understood.

Everyone says, that you’ll miss the time with your family, once you’re busy with your own life and own family.

When I think about this, I agree. You’re going to miss when you could just sleep for a few hours more and wake up with all the work already done, for as your mother did it. And you wouldn’t need to go to work, your dad would do that. 

Leave aside all this work, you wouldn’t even need to go all the way to the other side of the room, to take the remote and change the chanel, your siblings would pass that to you and when you’re thirsty they’d go after a bit of mocking and bring a glass of water.

Silly little fights between siblings and strong arguments with parents are always going to happen, you can not avoid them. You just have to act mature. You’re not the only person growing older in that house. 


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