My bestfriend


That’s all I can say. Incredibly insane…

I feel like I have always searched for a true soul to be around with, who understands me the way I wanted to be understood. 

I thought that whenever I was going to find that soul, it would’ve been my significant other, but little did I know that a soul is a soul mate, not a role model in your life. For as a dear friend of mine explained to me, that roles are for dramas, not real life. 

Often have I looked at myself and thought what a mess I am, but being around my best friend it was never like that. For that he had given sacrifice to let go of all his pain and just to make vanish my sorrows. 

And he did. His daily, awkward and embarrassing dancing through the whole lifeless town lightened up my heart. With every single day I looked forward to meet him. I found happiness in all he did for me, and damn, I saw so much effort. 

My love for him grew, and I could never stay a second away from him. This is called attachement, to a friend, a human and a soul. His existence only would assure me, that life really has so much more to give. 

It made me believe that “It is all going to be okay in the end”. And it did. Everything started to make sense and I understood the true meaning of friendship. 

To put others needs before yours. To love them, support them, stick by them, no matter how damn ugly it gets and oh, love, just love and pure love.

His passion and dedication towards me was more than enough to make me start believing in myself again. I guess sometimes we just have to let someone sew our wounds, heal them, kiss them, caress them. 

Love heals terrible scars. 


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