The Man

The guy I love is the guy who is sitting somewhere in pure silence, looking down at himself, and being as amazing as he is. 

He does not need anything in order for me to like him more, for as he carries my heart wherever he goes. He is no ordinary man who’d stare after a girl to make her feel, that she could be more than me. 

He’d look at me and make me understand, that I’m the one for him. He’d love me unconditionally and even if it gets painful, he would never let go. 

He’d stay to make me understand what it feels like to be loved by him. He’d let me taste all the love of this world. He would see me and know that I am the thing he was missing. 

Even though the perception of a dream girl and the perfect girl is just an imaginary content, his definition for “the one” is me. 

He has made my head turn around ever since the very first day he spoke to me and he has the right to make me feel the way he does. 

His love is passionate and he sees me as his own. He accepts me the way I am and I have never judged his ways, for as we both are connected on a level, where our bond is unbreakable. 

I love him and his love hurts me. His love pains me, suffocates me, kills me, but I love him so damn much. And tell whoever said that love hurts is lying, because this poison is better than any other form of suicide. 

And it hurts me that he will be the only one I will ever write about. 


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