The definition of a touch. You let someone be so close to you that mentally it feels that they are holding your heart. It’s a connection between two souls, that you let another individual just be you.

Be part of you, be whatever you always needed, the only thing you’ve truly desired. 

Your body, your spirit was like a thirsty passenger in the desert that now has found the oasis. The oasis is the person who holds your heart, and honestly no other person could stop your thirst the way this individual can. 

You’ll acknowledge the lack of this person before in your life even more when you finally find that person, because only then you will realise how much your body has actually ran to find someone like this. 

Peace is the feeling you get whenever you look up to your soulmate. The bonding is indescribably perfect, no separations or fear of acceptance.

Truth is found, love is reborn every single day and passion is increased. Its selfless.


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