A few weeks ago, one of my dearest friends was struggling in his love life and I wrote something for him which now I will be sharing with you guys.

You just want to get yourself hurt thats why you went back to her, even though you were doing so well.You were going on with your life.

Busy with your work. Should have done that, rather than getting your heart broken again.

You’re behaving very childish and you’re not facing the truth.Accept the fact that she is not right for you.

You don’t need her, because she uses you to feel better for a while.. just to know that she is being loved. Not because she wants you.

But because she thinks your love makes her feel wanted. She is nothing without your love. Know that.

None of the girls you had would have done anything, unless you didnt give them the permission to do so.

She wasnt the love of your life, she was the game of your life. She made you her puppet.

And it makes me angry to see you not realising that. I know Im very mad and frustrated but I’ll never lie to you. 

You’re worth diamonds you’re letting a stupid dried out leaf decide for you and your love life. 

You my dear need to sort your life out, because she clearly isn’t, and wasn’t, a person for you. 

You’re a masterpiece and she is just willing to own that piece of art of a famous painter, but she’ll never appreciate it.

She’ll never know what love is because she’ll stay in denial of it.She will never accept the fact of what love is. 

And the worst part?

You’re willing to sell yourself. Be more than that.Know your worth. Dont let her be the master.

If she plays you, then be the game. Be the person she’ll always regret having lost.Your focus should not be to want her back, or to show her anything. But you should live for yourself 

To be able to give your actual wife the things that she missed. Your wife somewhere needs you. And when you find her, make sure she has everything she has missed out on

Be someone who was worth the wait. Dont play anyone the way you got played because you know how it hurts.

Be yourself.

Love yourself.

Be you. Please.

Because everyone else is just pretending. Know that you’re more than that.

 Just do what you have to do. 


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