I got told that maybe we have hurt others, this is why we get hurt too. It’s karma. It’s whatever we do to one person we will get it back.

But what did I do to someone to earn such pain? I know I have hurt a lot of people. Consciously or subconsciously, but I ask for forgiveness to everyone. Please free me from this pain.

I can’t take it no more. Please make it come to an end before I end it. Please free me from this big cage, I’m a bird, I need to fly.

I have not been in the skies for so long, that I might have to learn to fly again. But please; let me out.

My heart is thirsty for the dwell of satisfaction, and I cannot possibly reach my destination.

I feel like banging my head to the wall, like punching till my knuckles bleed and are swollen up. I feel like slitting my wrists open and let the blood take away my destiny.

My tears are falling like goddamn rivers that join eachother at the end of my chin or my shirt. It feels like I could end a person’s thirst with all the tears.

But I don’t allow myself to do so, for as the people around me have expectations upon me. I cannot let them down.

I owe them.


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