Help in Silence

I won't say that I don't miss the person I used to be. I had the life of every average teenage girl; a life based on friends, fun and parties. A very happy go lucky atmosphere. I would laugh and smile on small silly things. I would be surrounded by a big crowd of 'friends'.... Continue Reading →


A kiss to your wounds

Pain is a way of deep suffering, and it follows with its good old friends: the grief and regret. Today I wont be telling you about me, I will tell you about others. As ashamed as I am to be writing this post, I want to be able to speak about it in a good way,... Continue Reading →


It's just an ordinary day with my everyday routine, I'm carrying myself to my college as my eyes start to observe the surrounding. All these people, busy with themselves, moving on with their lives. And me walking in the middle of this crowd. When I was younger I grew up in a small town in Italy,... Continue Reading →

My desire

Never doubted on my own, never alone, always with my sadness to keep me sweet company. Sweet as fire, sweet like your desire. Watching you admire, when I search for what I aspire. Sadly just came to realise, with a big surprise, that you aint worth it at all, you only like to watch me... Continue Reading →

A little something

Born naked, born flawless, born precious, so fragile. Be young , be foolish and free. Maturity is beneficial, but it don't come with the time, no it don't come with the crime. Kill the vain, be in pain. Take it with love, take it from support. Grow with wisdom, master your patience, hope is the... Continue Reading →


They say people can make each other feel things that they don't feel, they can make someone think about a thing they have never even thought about. I find it quite foolish, how some people abandon their true understanding of the world and only claim the words uttered from that one person's mouth as the... Continue Reading →

The Grave

The pain is endless. Holding on to life has become harder than ever. I am no melodramatic being, I have my emotions, I am not consistent of darkness, nor am I someone who would like to be the top priority of everyone. I have a few people to hold on to, but when the ties... Continue Reading →


I am a woman. I laugh, I cry, I feel and I know. I'm not a doll. Not a toy. I am to be respected, to be loved and to be cared for. At times I might be fragile and emotional, but my capacity to overcome the deepest sorrows is impossible for the human nature.... Continue Reading →


A man who is donating his belongings, will only give the amount that will be reduced from his possession, but he will still be able to sustain himself, and his lifestyle. We only donate what we really don't need. We place a certain amount in our minds, free to let other's take pleasure of it,... Continue Reading →

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